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Orbolite in Construction


Cenospheres are of great benefit to the construction and building industry, providing a bulking medium that allows mortars, plasters, concretes and other binders to be fabricated lighter with low slump, losing little if any, of the original strength, physical and performance properties.

Transforming construction

As a lightweight additive ORBOLITE® cenospheres offer multiple advantages within the construction industry with a bulk density of 0.36g/mm – 0.48g/mm.

ORBOLITE® has efficient thermal qualities, with a thermal conductivity of 0.11 Wm – 1K-1 which when added to the construction material of your choice, whether it be gypsum, cement, renders, etc can reduce heat loss and help promote fire protection. Having previously been preheated to 1200c they can be supplementary in assisting the length of time it takes for a fire wall or barrier to breakdown or be penetrated. Being hollow also brings with it the ability to reduce sound levels providing two out of the three mediums needed to reduced noise pollution.

In addition, their spherical properties help the viscosity and fluidity of any material to which they are added allowing a free-flowing movement to take place. Whether this is for spreading or pumping they can also give the final product flexibility where bounce or vibration may need to be considered.

Low shrinkage, low slump, stress-free sanding and ease of use due to its light weight, low density, all properties that are beneficial factors that cenospheres bring. By the addition of as little as a 2 to 100 ratio will considerably improve the workability of cements, plaster, renders etc. whether spreading or pumping. As a result of decreasing the slumping sagging ability of a product it makes overhead work easier, also a mortar or plaster using cenospheres as an additive can be applied to a thickness of 50mm in one application as opposed to the normal 20mm of more conventional mortars.

Challenges overcome

Two typical problems that the use of cenospheres can solve:
1) The use of gypsum plaster boards are widely used in the construction industry but can only be used internally as they are not water proof.
2)The use of cements boards are hampered by being too heavy and are practically used in reduced sizes, they are also difficult to cut, drill, saw etc. and are too stiff to be used as a ready replacement for gypsum plaster boards.

Nevertheless, with the addition of approximately 25% cenospheres these problems are solved and what is being recognised as the best form of boarding being produced.

In brief

  • Possible high insulation saving on heating bills.
  • No cold bridging, helping to desist internal condensation.
  • Easy to apply and mix due to the rheology of its spherical shape.
  • Light weight and low density reducing any sagging or slumping, and the possibilities of disbanding from original surface due to weight.
  • Adds substantial benefits to aid fire resistance.

Orbolite grades recommended; ORB 300 grade

Usage examples: Mortars/ Screeds/ Self-levelling floor cover/ Floor coverings/ Wall installation/ Cement/ External Wall coverings/ Adhesives